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Ruppi's resort is a wonderful getaway for corporate team outings and family outings. Located amidst lush greenery, this sprawling resort gives you the right mix of nature and adventure. The resort is strategically located amidst verdant forests and the activities in the resort are planned to give the guests a wonderful experience to become one with nature!

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Dodda Aalada Mara Big banyan tree is spread across 3 acres and provides photographers with the opportunities to shoot in different perspectives. this time monkeys which are abundant around the big tree! Big banyan tree also houses Shri Muneshwara Swamy temple. Location from resort :2.4 Kms Best time to visit: September to February


Mukthi Naaga Temple near Ramohalli. Mukthi Naaga statue is 12 feet tall, 36 tons in weights & is the largest Naga statue. Mukthi Naaga temple is known for its naga dosha nivarane powers. Temple is now being expanded into Mukthi Naaga Temple complex which will have 125 feet Mahadwara/Rajagopura, Navagraha temples, Kshetra Palaka Temple, Patladamma temple, Aadimukthi Naaga Temple, 1008 Nagabana, Annapurna Meals hall, Chikka Palani, Goshala, Dharmadarshi Bhavan and Dharmadarshi house. Location : 6.3 Kms from Resort. Best time to visit: All the Time in the year. Location from Bangalore : 18 Kms.


Savandurga is the name given to the hills situated at a distance of around 60 km to the west of Bangalore. Rising to an altitude of 1226 m above the sea level, these hills are considered to be one of the largest monolith hills in India. They consist of two hills, namely Karigudda (black hill) and Billigudda (white hill). Savandurga Hills serve as the base for pilgrims who come to visit the Savandi Veerabhadreshwara Swamy temple and Narasimha Swamy temple, situated at the base of the hills. These hills are also quite popular amongst rock-climbers, cave-explorers and adventurers. The dry deciduous forest surrounding the hills is home to the endangered Yellow-throated Bulbuls, Sloth bears, Leopards, etc Location : 33 Kms from Bangalore towards Magadi. Location from the resort : 20.8 Kms.Best time to visit: September to February.


Thippagondanahalli Reservoir, also known as T G Halli Dam or Chamarajsagar, is located at the confluence of the Arkavathy River and Kumudavathi River, 35 km west of Bangalore, India. It is used by the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) as a major source of drinking water for western Bangalore. The lake is a man-made reservoir, created by the building of a dam which was inaugurated in 1933. Bharath Rathna Sir M Visvesvarayya supervised the construction work. Location : 35 Kms from Bangalore towards Magadi. Location from Resort: 14.1 Kms via dodda aladmara road. Best time to visit: September to February


Also spelled Manchanbele, Manchinabele, Manchinbele dam. A small reservoir, 40kms from bangalore, this Dam is build for the irrigation purpose, now it also provide water to the Magadi Town, this Dam is build across the river Arkavathi, the land which covered for irrigation under this project is called "Thore saalu" because all the villages comes on the two sides of river arkavathi, in kannada "thore" means river and "saalu" means line. This place is good for your weekend refreshment, also a well known film shooting place. Backwaters at the dam with Savanadurga on the backdrop, give the place picturesque look. Location : 40 Kms from Bangalore towards Magadi.Location from Resort: 7.6 Kms via savandurga, Manchanbele Road. Best time to visit: September to February.